Andrea Kelly Soon To Be Releaseing A R.Kelly Book

 Andrea Kelly has a title for her upcoming book, but despite its risqué name, she says it’s not spilling the tea about her marriage to R.Kelly.
“I’m finishing up my book, Under the Red Carpet: My Life as R.Kelly’s Wife, and it’s not juice and grease. It’s not a tell-all,” she told
Drea, who keeps it real on her VH1 reality series “Hollywood Exes,” said fans can expect the same from her book.
“I'm real. There's no facade when it comes to me, so I have no problem sharing my ups and my downs because it's who I am. I'm human, so to say that it's all glitz, glamor, fairy tales, pixy dust and glitter, I would be a liar. It's not, and it's okay that it's not because it’s real,” she told Sister 2 Sister.
Like “Hollywood Exes,” Drea said she wants her book to encourage women who might be a bit lost.
“It’s really a self-help book for women. It’s really teaching women how to get back to true essence of who you really are,” she told
While some of her co-stars don’t remain in touch with their celebrity ex-husbands, Drea said she and R.Kelly are still cordial.
“It’s times when that eyebrow be tight, but then you have to go back to ‘This is the father of my children’ and we have to compromise,” she explained.
However, when it comes to R.Kelly the musician, Drea isn’t the least bit conflicted about supporting her ex.
“When he’s good, his kids are good,” she said.
“At the end of the day, I know how to separate Robert Kelly and R.Kelly the persona and the man the rest of the world knows,” she said.

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