Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Akon Keeps It Real With His Girlfriend Dispite His 4 Wives

Rapper Akon really knows how to keep his chicks IN ORDER. He was spotted out on vacay with a lovely young woman. The problem is . . . Akon is reportedly MARRIED to four women - all BLACK.
And that chick ain't one of them.

Ok I know gossiping about celebrities personal lives is not what we do here at UnsungHipHop.Com.  But I bring this article up because I am recently divorced man and it really has changed my perspective on relationships.  I used to date women until I found the right one but by most women's standards that's considered to be "Cheating".  So now that I choose to find someone special and date that One woman has really confused me. Dating that way has proven to be too much of strain on the heart. So I'm not mad at Akon he doing what his money allows him to do.  Another case where "Cash Rules Everything Around Me", but should it be that way for relationships? Maybe all of our relationship standards would be different if money was not an object. Tell us what you think.

Courtesy Of MediaTakout