Hollywood Trends: Black Actresses With White Men (Nia Long)

Brooklyn native Nitara Carlynn Long, 42, was born on Halloween eve, and is clearly one of the most talented Black Beautiful in Hollywood.
Long’s career include big screen and small screen credits, including Chris Rock’s ‘Good Hair,’ ‘Gospel Hill,’ (2008) opposite Angela Bassett and Danny Glover; ‘Are We Done Yet?’ (2007) opposite Ice Cube, and the critically acclaimed ‘Premonition,’ where she starred opposite Sandra Bullock.
Long, who has racked up three NAACP Image Awards, has also appeared in several movies as a white actor’s romantic interest. Of course I don't have a problem with this she needs to get her money.  But I keep thinking Hollywood is trying to make another "Monsters Ball" a movie I thought was very overrated.  Not to mention she received an Oscar for that movie...go figure..!! Check out the lineup below:

 Nia Long & Jude Law: Alfie

Nia Long & Giovanni Ribisi: The Boiler Room

Nia Long & Adam Baldwin: Gospel Hill

undefinedNia Long & Colin Firth: Secret Laughter of Women


  1. Anonymous17:36

    Hollywood will never get it right!!!

  2. Anonymous19:55

    Nia Long and Colin Firth one of the immortal couples of movies of all times; and what a great movie! In terms of their delicate, multidimensional, chemistry, it is better than Mira Nair's Mississippi Masala, featuring, yes, Denzel.