Black Friday Is Officially A Bigger Than Thanksgiving

Anti-Black Friday consumers only need to present the following evidence as “Exhibit A – F” to further their resolute stances as to why they haven’t, won’t and never will participate in Black Friday shopping. Black Friday is, by far, the biggest shopping day of the year, according to multiple consumer reports. It takes place the day after Thanksgiving, now considered the calm before the outrageous storm that drenches the entire country, as you will see from the photo above and the videos below.  This is ridiculous fam, this is why I'm so scared if something major was to happen like World War III or some other type catastrophic type event.  Let's remember Katrina, in that short amount of time how people started to resort to primal instincts and balbaric behavior when there is not lights, running water, or police to keep us in line. Are we really that primitive? Yes we are, just look at the things we are willing to do not for food or water for material items that has no real value at all.  Tell me what you think...

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