Pharrell Talks About His New Book

 In this candid video, Pharrell Williams discusses the inspiration behind his new book project Places and Spaces I’ve Beenwhile we watch him attend his first book signing at Marc Jacobs’ BOOK MARC store in Los Angeles.
The multi-faceted artist is keen to highlight that his latest venture is not your typical autobiography and explains that it in fact focuses on celebrating ‘moments of enlightenment’ in his life, rather than reeling off a chronological account of his career. Pharrell also reflects on what he believes defines an icon, using Jay-Z and Batman as examples.
In his usual charismatic manner, Pharrell concludes by admitting that the ‘places and spaces’ the book refers to are actually different aspects of his personality that drive him to continue down his already well built road to success. Check out the video below, which features a brief appearance from Jermaine Dupri.


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