WiseGuy Entertainment: The Price Of Growing Up In Steubenville,OH

Steubenville, OH has been in national news headlines due to the alarming murder statistics and violence within the city. How has this helped or hurt your music/product being that your label is based there?

Agoni Brown: For me Steubenville is home, so I cant say that it helps or even how something like that could help. Other than always havin something happening so you always got something to write about, but it definitely hurts cause the city so small that even though it dont hit your circle directly you still feel it like thats ho2fa's boy Wally that got hit up on the hill or ag's boy Charlie that got hit up on 9th and that's potentially catastrophic to the music cause there aint no telling where or how far shit might go from there.
HO2FA: steubenville is what it is man steubenville is da music and da music is steubenville 3 h dat a1 pure uncut columbian wit da rainbow in it, dat bling like da jewels in my pinky ring. Ag n jag like go work to dats like mixing columbian venezulian and peru feel me 4 H DA GREAT IS HERE AND HE BROUGHT DA MOB WIT HIM DA WHOLE GAME IN TROUBLE. real talk
What was your reaction when you heard/read about your label, WiseGuy Entertainment being linked to an NYC crime ring that extended down to Steubenville,OH?
Agoni Brown: Oh my god, where going down, im hot enough by myself already, as a matter of fact nobody ever say that again. And burn that.(In my steel ball voice) Seriously I was shocked and appalled, I said this is preposterous how could they make up such slanderous accusations about such upright and upstanding members of the community like ourselves that was outrageous.(Old brown eyes look side to side with beety eyes and starts whistling)
 Why did you both decide to release a group album?
Agoni Brown: We figured we was about to kick the same door in so we figured we should just kick it in togetha.

How would you describe your styles individually, and how does each style compliment the other on the album?
Agoni Brown: That's funny idk how to describe my style, idk if i could call it style. I just talk about my life, what I feel, What i see, What im goin through, and how i feel about it. I aint got no style, i got a testimony. I'm just testifyin' on wax.That's real rap everybody got to respect that. That's that blood type O. That blend with everything.
What are you hoping people take from the album? What are the main points/concepts your hitting to drive this home?
Agoni Brown: Them boys is dope. They got that good dope, that fire, any type of dope you like. What you like? Tropical droze, exotic beans, crystally powders, or that raw. Them boys got it all. We got a little something for everybody. From little mama's to the mama's, from the young trap stars to the og triple og mack's.
What other artists were featured on the album and how did you go about selecting who you worked with?
Agoni Brown: We got Jimmy Jones on there, Ghostface Killa, and a couple other honorable mentions that we workin on, but that's a better question for Pauly.
HO2FA: jim jones, ghost, my man agoni brown, jag da apostle and more ayo we did our part uncle paully did his and da rest is history

Many different styles have came out of Ohio from Bone-Thugs, Kid Cudi, Ray Cash, Chip The Ripper. When I hear your music & lyrics it sounds more East Coast than MidWest. How would you say this style developed over the more Midwestern style rappers in Ohio?
Agoni Brown: I just do what i do im just doin me.
HO2FA: dats easy my g we just a different breed.
 Lets talk about how your stage names came about. Describe the meaning behind AG & Hof2a and how those were given to you.
Agoni Brown: Which one shit i got so many? AG, Agoni, Agoni Brown, Old Brown Eyes, Black Sunny, Agoni coleone, BS 3X Black, The Bogey Monster, Agulous, Agulous Maximus, Agulous Prime, Old Agulous, man we'd be here all day. All I can say is they all come from AG and AG come from caps pill, so caps pill say AW.
What are your personal favorite tracks on the new album and why?
Agoni Brown: Man I love the whole shit, its one of them albums you can just put it in and let it play. I can ride to Cleveland with that bitch and not have to change my cd.
 Do you find it more challenging to try and brand yourself in this digital era or was the game better before all the technology hit?
Agoni Brown: Dont make or break me, salt and peppa to high steppa, Heisman on a half steppa to me. There's pros and cons to both of them. There's pros and cons to everything, fuck it long as your chain blang. 
Tell us about the WiseGuy Movement. What does the brand stand for and what is the mission behind the music?
Agoni Brown: I just say this, Jag said it the best. We here to transform the game back to the form from which it came. Say my name say my name.
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