Spark Ly'riq & Manna Maestro - " Deus Prohetiam" AUDIO
 This movement called C.R.I.M.E (Conscious Rebels Inspirin Modern
drops another song titled "Deus Prophetiam'", which in
Latin means "Gods Prophecy".
Spark Ly'riq (19) and Manna Maestro (21) are Emcee's hailing from
Compton CA and Philadelphia PA but residing in Brooklyn NY. The young
Emcees arrive
with a message of rebellion and painting portraits with words of the
struggles they've witnessed and also been through. "We just young
Ni#@! tryin to be heard because lord knows
the world wanna keep us quiet'" a quote from Spark Ly'riq who constantly stresses on how him and his C.R.I.M.E partners have
a mission to enlighten their generation.  These  young dudes are on some other Sh#@! and its the truth.  A new generation of revolutionaries...checkout their new single below.