Noa James - "It's Common Ground" (Ft. Curtiss King) - Official Video

 While you can find the Noa James performing all over Southern California at any given time and generally staying busy, he just released his latest project, "The Adventures of Young Orca", which available on iTunes. This project holds plenty of features as well such as Curtiss King, Art Barz, Faimkills, Edgar Sosa, Fredo, Andre Damar, and Aliso Black. James is also opening fans’ ears to a few new producers, including Nabeyin, Unite, Playa Haze, Brooks Beats, OYSM, Da Flatlyners, Villain, and Black Cloud Music producers Phantom Thrett and Jynxx.  As James continues to prepare for the release of The Adventures of Young Orca, he has faith that fans will appreciate this EP.

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