Egyptian Government Ban Beards From The Police Force
 Around 50 police officers stage a sit-in to protest the government's ban on police beards according to CNN's Reza Sayah.  I caught feelings behind this kind of discrimination because not only do I have a beard but my hair is longer than Most Women.  It's my own personal choice my lifestyle, UPS & Pepsi are just a couple of the companies here in the States that don't allow beards as well. This is just one of many reasons why people rob, sneak, and steal their way into the USIt will be a glorious day when they (Government/Religious Fanatics) stop trying to place people into a box because of race, sex, or religion.  Checkout the video 

Courtesy Of CNN

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  1. Crazy. Why so stressed about beards? They should be focusing on more important issues. - SFDotNet