Japhia Life - "Small World" - Official Video
 Japhia Life releases the music video for "Small World" off of his critically acclaimed "Westside Pharmacy" album. The video is directed by Creative Thought Media and co-directed by Japhia. Together they bring a visual aesthetic reminiscent of 90's era Rap music. His approach and delivery are reflective of early Nas' "Halftime" video, and even KRS-One with "Love's Gonna Getcha".  Okay now that introduction is out the way, Japhia is representation of what a REal HipHop Emcee is made of PERIOD...!! I'm going to put it out there, the reasons why most Emcee's like Japhia remain in Underground HipHop is because of education and ignorance.  It order for "Ignorant HipHop" to flood the airways it has to be accepted by ignorant people.  Our music is only as good as the people buying and supporting it.  To be fair I will say not all Emcees can be like Japhia, but it doesn't mean he's not dope because a million people support garbage it just means you have a million ignorant people.  But let me get off of my soapbox once again go support this brother if you want to hear good music you have to support good artist.