Nametag & Nameless - “Hookless” (Ft. Mahd) - Official Video

 Nametag grew up in Detroit’s east, west, and north sides, constantly being shuffled around with his mother to avoid repercussions of his father’s drug addiction. He dealt with the familial struggles and nomadic lifestyle by burying himself into his notebook, penning lyrics about his experiences and drawing inspiration from legends like Rakim. He quickly became the latest member of a family chockfull of R&B and gospel vocalists, rhyming with his friends and relatives such as his cousins, Black Milk and Black Beethoven and he got involved in Detroit’s hip-hop history early, and in a big way: his first placement was on Slum Village’s ‘Dirty District Vol. 1’ compilation.

From there, Nametag continued to body other Motor City classics such as Slum Village’s Dirty District Vol. 2 & his cousin’s Black Milk’s ‘Popular Demand’ and ‘Caltroit.’ But while contributing to others’ artist’s projects, Nametag continued to build his own footing with a collection of critically-acclaimed mixtapes, EPs and a full length album, ‘The Name Is Tag’; which eventually earned the respect of indie rap heavyweights and publications such as XXL, 2DopeBoyz, Detroit Free Press & more.

With appearances by Motor City vets (Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, Miz Korona) and youngsters (Mahd, Jahshua Smith) alike, ‘For Namesake’ continues to cement Nametag & Nameless as one of Detroit’s fastest rising talents.

Tracklisting and credits for Nametag & Nameless’ ‘For Namesake

1.) “Indo”
2.) “Hype Break”
3.) “Reaction” f/ Miz Korona  
4.) “How It Get”
5.) “Notchs” f/ Mahd  
6.) “Feelin’ Good + Feelin’ Great 
7.) “Cease & Desist” f/ Jahshua Smith
8.) “Stress Relief”
9.) “Nay Day”
10.) “Oxymoron” f/ Black Milk
11.) “Hookless” f/ Mahd  
12.) “Raw-Dirty-Filth” f/ Guilty Simpson
13.) “Blaow”
14.) “The Teacher” f/ Chell
15.) “Outdo”

***All Tracks Produced By Namesake

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