Redman - "Lookn Fly Too" (Ft Method Man & R.E.A.D.Y. Roc) - Official Video
 Ok Redman is back...with his new joint Lookn Fly Too featuring Method Man & R.E.A.D.Y. Roc, I love the beat it has a groovy feel to it.  But I must say and Red is my man 100 grand but I wouldn't have never thought I'd see the day him of all people would use Autotune.  WOW, I was so disappointed in that, but I must say it's not over done on some T-Pain/Future sh#@!  But the point is I REALLY HATE AUTOTUNE.....PERIOD!!!  I'm sure Reggie is just trying to push some sales and the powers that be "Up Top" said "This is what the kids want to hear blah blah blah....". So Reggie gets a pass on this one, until him and Meth lock down a How High 2 movie deal you have to make it do what it do.  Sometimes we all have to do a Tyler Perry (Put On The Wig & Dress) in order to get achieve our dreams.  But off of my soapbox,  the song is still dope despite the autotune check it out below.

Directed & Edited By ROMEYORK.