Rah Digga - “Never Back Down” (Feat. Nitty Scott,MC) - {Audio}

 The 90's was the era for this Flipmode Squad Allstar Rah Digga, she did a dope collaboration with Rapsody, and now she’s back to collaborate with another of the game’s most exciting female rapping talents, Brooklyn-based Nitty Scott, MC.
The new track is titled “Never Back Down” and it certainly lives up to its name. Around a minute in, Rah closes her hook with the defiant exclamation, “Never let him see you sweat, never let him see you cry, never turn the other cheek, always look him in the eye” and it’s a declaration of intent that sets the tone for the rest of that song.
Although both rappers do their thing on the mic, and Nitty’s younger voice sounds cleaner and clearer over gritty electric guitar chords, it’s Rah’s growly pitch that really hammers home. In fact, the New Jersey rappers sums up her message perfectly with simple reference to two very different female artists. By saying she’ll “never be a Kate Perry…too Maya Angelou”, Rah Digga sets a fine example to the next generation of female emcees.

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