A-Ha! Records and Ra-NYC Presents: E. Grizzly - "Moore" {Official Video}

E. Grizzly is an alternative HipHop artist from Philadelphia, PA specializing in a philosophical, poetic flow similar to Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco, Immortal Technique, and Zach De La Rocha.  The point of E. Grizzly's brand of  is to share new perspectives and challenge social standards accepted by the majority of society who seem to be losing their grasp with humanity.  

Grizzly has released 5 mix tapes and albums since 2010.  His first release was a HipHop/Rock album with the alternative band Alukard from Miami, FL.  E. Grizzly and Alukard played over 100 shows together including a Jagermeister Tour.  Some of Grizzly's other music ventures include an Alternative HipHop experiment with the punk band 1994! in Philadelphia and mixtapes dedicated to the production of El-P and RJD2.

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