DJ Kay Slay - “Lyrical Gangstas” (Feat.Kendrick Lamar/Papoose) - New Audio

DJ Kay Slay, the man they call Slap Your Favourite DJ, is dropping his Grown Man Hip Hop project tonight and he’s just leaked a new track to get the attention of all the heads out there.
Lyrical Ganstas” features the highly lyrical Kendrick Lamar and Brooklyn underground wordsmith Papoose, who’s currently signed to Kay Slay’s Streetsweepers’ Ent. label. Whilst the verses would be just about good enough to appear on these rappers’ strongest solo tapes, the hook and beat could definitely start to grate on me. Listen for yourself below:


  1. Kay lay been in the game for a long time ... but now I rarely ever hear his name..

  2. Not so sure about this track...