The Revolutionizing Of Neo-Jazz Lead By Gi-Twice - {Live Video}

Gi-Twice is one of the most courageous people I know, to literally walk away from her job as a Microbiologist to pursue her music career was a bold decision.  This Louisiana native was born for greatness, she has received many accolades throughout her career as a solo artist and as part of the husband/wife duo formally known as Mahogany Dust.  Gi-Twice is creating her own path in the Neo-Jazz genre by creatively mixing Lounge, Reggae, House, Soul, and Rock music into her own Jazz compilation.  Artist like Gi-Twice only come around when the planets and the stars are aligned.  So please make sure you go out and support your local artist, where real music still exists.

"My presentation of Neo-Jazz is a fusion of 30's-40's big band era with a topping of neo-soul. It's both new and old." - Gi-Twice

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