King avriel - "Judegement Day/Valley Dolls" - {Audio}

The California hailing singer-songwriter and cerebrally stimulating individual has definitely been one of the brightest newcomers on the R&B scene for a hot minute and she continues to impress with her most recent slice of intelligent audio goodness “Judgement Day/Valley Dolls”, the second release from her eagerly anticipated debut EP Thesis.
The idea for the song came to me during a prisoner’s dilemma simulation in one of my classes. It reminded me of how, when I was younger, I tended to look out for others at my own expense in those kinds of situations. On surface level, it’s about me taking the blame for an imaginary crime I committed with a partner. However, it is ultimately a metaphor for a more personal lived experience, how I covered up my uncertainty with a false sense of righteousness when making a tough decision, and the faith I drew on to help me find solace.– King avriel.

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