Janelle Monae Talks To SoulCulture's Mental Health Campaign "#OkNotToBeOK" - {Video}

In the latest segment of SoulCulture’s mental health campaign, #OKNotToBeOK, internationally renowned singer, songwriter, rebel android and creative Janelle Monae discusses the importance of asking for help, finding balance in life and creating as her release.

I think it’s important to ask for help and I think that you can’t allow your pride or anything to get in the way of you becoming the best and being the best you can be as a person first.

“And I think that being a creative person sometimes you can get lost in your own world and your imagination can go in so many different places, and so what I thought was best was to be able get out everything. And this helped my writing process. I speak to people in my family and I talk a lot and I’m very open to those who I know love and care about me.

“I also use music as therapy and I use music as a way to release. I don’t know what I would do without having music in my life, because I believe music is the best form of medicine that you can take.

There is nothing wrong with going and talking to somebody. If you don’t have the money go talk to a friend or a stranger, you never know. Tell somebody, get it out and you’ll feel a lot better once you start to speak about the many things that are just going on in your life.”

Watch Janelle MonaƩ discuss the importance of seeking help, finding balance and music and creating as a release below.

Courtesy Of SoulCulture

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