VladTV Talks To Ja Rule About His Battle With Redman - {Video}

Ja Rule sat down with VladTV, where he opened up about meeting DMX for the first time and says he was shocked at the rapper's living conditions. The New York rapper adds that DMX's appearance was even more shocking, as he was rapping like a madman despite his jaw being wired shut.
The conversation continued with Ja Rule speaking about all the people he used to battle back in the day, including Onyx and an epic cypher with Redman. He then shared the story about him facing off against the Wu-Tang rapper in a club, and said things got so hard that Redman was pulling out lyrics from The Blackout. 
Ja ended things by sharing another battle story about him going up against fifteen guys in Philly, and Eve jumped in to help him out. The situation popped off during the famed "Hard Knock Life Tour" with Jay Z and DMX, but according to Ja Rule, the real action was going on backstage.


  1. i think his best bet is to get back into the movie scene.. his acting was not 100% but he could only get better

  2. Ja Rule hasn't aged one bit. Wonder when a new album is coming?

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  4. Dope Post right here I'm going to Tweet it now.

  5. Ja Rule needs to get hot again on the music scene instead of doihg interviews lol