Friday, September 12, 2014

DYME-A-DUZIN - "Swank Sinatra" (Ft. Joey BadA$$,Capital STEEZ & CJ Fly) - {Official Video}

When Pro-Era first hit the scene, New York Underground HipHop was on fire, I mean it's been a awhile since 50 Cent & G-Unit when you had New York rappers sounding like New York rappers.  Joey Bada$$ was the lead man to this new movement along with DYME-A-DUZINCJ Fly & Capitol STEEZ (R.I.P.)  Since the untimely death of Capitol STEEZ the group fell flat I bit mourning the death of their friend and fellow member.  Right when they was getting back to business Kendrick Lamar burst out and kind of stole some of there shine.  But they are still contenders in the HipHop game doing concerts with Kendrick's Black Hippie crew.  This is just a tribute to Capitol STEEZ (The Man With The Dreads) who will be missed and never forgotten. 

Directed By R.B. Umali 
Video Produced by Dante Ross


  1. Hey Unsung, do you make Mixtapes brother? reason I ask is because you can put together something the GAME aint ready for.

    Good looks on the post Unsung