Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Surface Level Records Presents: The Sampler Volume One - {Audio Mixtape}

Surface Level Records Sampler Volume One is a 20-track compilation, from the Pittsburgh based HipHop collective, of new and unreleased songs as well as select songs from recent releases from their artists. SLR’s roster includes The Dads (Joey Smooth, Shaggy Rogers), Fortified PhonetX (Blacklisted, Connect, Moemaw Naedon), Galactic Brethren (Brother Seamus, Moemaw Naedon), Latebloomer, Proseed, and Stillborn Identity. Also, featured on the compilation are Cas Metah (Scribbling Idiots), Divine Seven, Kid A, Pseudo Slang, and production from FT Dub, Grieves (Rhymesayers), Ulliversal, and more. Check out for more info on Surface Level Records123. These dudes are on some other need to check them out below.

Recorded in various locations. Mostly mixed by Connect
Joey Smooth, Moemaw Naedon, and Proseed. Mastered by Connect.