TwoineyLo Freestyles Over A J Dilla Instrumental - {Audio Download}

TwoineyLo is a 18 Year Old artist from Baltimore City. The difference between Twoiney and a lot of other rappers is that not only does he rap but also is learning how to mix & master his & other members of NWM songs. Twoiney says that "Music is one of the only things I have. So getting on you guys blog would be a blessing."

Twoiney has been grinding for at least 8 months now without a manager but just really a team called #NWM (N)othing (W)ithout (M)otivation and our purpose is (as black males) to not end up as statistics like society wants or know we will be. To do so he has been dropping a new song every week showing consistency and progression in each song. Sooo . . .
 Toady Were submitting a new track by TwoineyLo called 
"Where Should I Run (Prod. J Dilla)". TwoineyLo spits a qucik 16 on a legendary J Dilla instrumental. He speaks to the teens him age who are running away mentally in their minds but do not know where to go because they might feel as though people don't understand them or what they go through.  This is just a teaser but I enjoyed anyway.