Okwerdz & Dirtbag Dan - "Hate Me Cuz I'm Great" - {Official Video}

 Straight out of the Battle Rap Arena, Okwerdz and Dirtbag Dan released their "Hate Me Cus I'm Great" video and it was very well received by their many fans. It amounted around 50,000 views on YouTube, however for one reason or another it was taken offline. Their work had a great impact on the underground music culture, as it was featured on an NBA 2K13 video that went viral on YouTube. Since then the video is back online and you can hear why the powers that be probably are afraid of these two Lyrical Beast.


  1. shout out to Stockton, CA

  2. i can dig it

  3. Man im mostly glad that rappers are going back to the days of lyrics again because once upon a time in Hip Hop, it was the worst

  4. Thanks for posting Unsung
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    S/O Okwerdz & Dirtbag Dan