Petty The God - "7 Day Theory" - Audio Download

 The debut EP from artist Petty The God titled Star Anise is finally being released after years of ADHD and home brewing. The album was influenced by sci-fi film Total Recall, The Guggenheim and Cantillon (dope ass Brussels brewery). The album artwork was handled by Jessica Repetto, who has been illustrating over 8 years for Italian, Nippon, American and Hellas Vogue, has collaborated with Band of Outsiders and Opening Ceremony and also consulted for Kanye West

The inspiration behind this album was to blur the lines of art and music into a seamless effort creating audiovisuals. Over 30 songs were recorded for the album but only 5 songs were selected totaling about 14 minutes of curated listening let us know how you feel about the track below.

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