Macklemore Vs. Nene Fresco - "White Walls" Controversy - (Video)

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 Artists inspire artists #facts. Artists “borrow” from other artists #SadFacts (when credit is not given). But when a major artist steals from a hard-working indie artist with no label budget who pays for all of his studio time and video productions out-of-pocket #NowThatSomeBullShit! Rapper Macklemore is known for his original and cool videos. Interestingly enough, Macklemore credits himself as the writer, director and producer of his latest visual “White Walls” however, after watching the music video “Torero” by Harlem’s indie rapper Nene Fresco, released exactly one year before Macklemore’s “White Walls, some fans feel as though Macklemore should have in fact credited Nene Fresco for his original idea. Of course, art is subjective, but I really don't see the similarities other than the picture above.  Two dudes dress in Spanish inspired gear, two different video concepts, and two different messages in the rhymes.  But you be the judge let us know what you think both videos are below. 

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