Papoose Sits Down With Jack Thriller Of ThisIs50.Com And Talks About His Response To Kendrick Lamar "Control" Verse - (Video)

 Thisis50 & Young Jack Thriller recently spoke with Papoose for an exclusive interview regarding this whole Kendrick Lamar 'Control' debate!  Papoose talks about why he was upset by Kendrick's track, why he felt New York was disrespected and why he felt the need to respond as harsh as he did.  Now you know we love HipHop beef @UnsungHipHop, but I think the "Gorilla Tactics" Papoose is using has not worked since 50cent dissed Ja Rule.  I'm not going to deny his skill on the Mic but I think he made the Beef personal so he can benefit financially. But hey I'm not mad at him for trying.


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