Pharrell Williams Gets Nardwuar Back At His Own Game
Most of you by now should be familiar with Nardwuar the Human Serviette. He’s the Canadian music journalist with an insane eye for detail with research so on point that he could tell you what brand of toothpaste you use without ever meeting you before. With that said, one of the in-depth interviews he usually conducts himself was recently turned on him.
Hooking up with Pharrell Williams at SXSW, Nardwuar, after thinking the interview was over, was not expecting what was about to happen next. Filming for his I Am Other web channel – a cultural movement dedicated to thinkers, innovators and outcasts – Pharrell had a few questions of his own for the journalist.
Discussing his love of cheese, Heather Locklear, and confirming that one of the most sampled records in HipHop history is in fact from Canada, it’s interesting to hear Pharrell stump the usually confident motormouth to the point where he stumbles over his own words a few times while discussing his own musical inception.
Peep the interview with Nardwuar below its very funny.