Inverse Tangent - "Entrapment" (Prod.Mike P Canvas) - Official Video
 Inverse Tangent is group out of the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia), they just released visuals to the single Entrapment, if you ask me it's dope as F#@!  They are one of the few Emcees bringing back the "Golden Years" of HipHop(The 90's). When Emcees rapped about more than just Money, Cars, and Women, oops excuse let me correct myself "Hoes"We need more groups like Inverse Tangent, their flow is on point and the message behind the lyrics is even more powerful. Scratch that we need smarter people, having "Gold Everything" is not going to save us from poverty or escaping The Rat Race. My bad let me get off my soapbox, this group is the Truth checkout the video below this is what Real HipHop is all about.  

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