HipHop Revolutionizes Education In Urban Classrooms With "EPIPHANY" - VIDEO
A new episode of the web series, EPIPHANY, Dr. Christopher Emdin explores what happens when you combine science education and hip-hop in public schools.

Science Genius is a new urban science education initiative spearheaded by Dr. Christopher Emdin of Columbia Teacher's College & GZA of the seminal HipHop group Wu-Tang Clan.  Over the course of a semester, 10 New York City high school classes will write raps on core science concepts to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the topics.

"We're not going to accept nursery school rhymes.  You're not gonna come in here and say 'I'm here to play, it's DNA.'  We're turning up the responsibility for the young people to engage in hip hop differently," says Emdin. "We're changing the narrative of commercial hip hop."

Emdin has been featured in multiple episodes of EPIPHANY, all of which can be viewed here: is also producing a documentary profile on the Science Genius program and its students that will be released in the coming month.  Check THNKR's video below.


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  1. LOVE this!! Been saying for so long they need to use hip-hop in the classroom. - SFDotNet