Lucy Cait Releases Her Debut EP "Gabriels's Wharf" - Official Video

With her debut EP, Lucy Cait brings a very London take on folk music. If the cliché of folk is one of ethereal sounds and woodland imagery, Lucy Cait is redefining her corner of the genre with the clunks of the underground pulling into King's Cross, and the imposing cold steel structures that hang over her local Deptford.

Having made an impact supporting the likes of Catherine Feeny and Melodica, Melody and Lucy Cait starts 2013 with the release of her debut EP, 'Gabriel's Wharf' through Folkroom Records. Named after a corner of London's South Bank the EP opens with the title track – a strange and hypnotic song that captures the city's beguiling nature.  But let's face it the only reason why I posted this was because she reminded me of Nina Simon, she is borrowing her style 100% no doubt about that.


  1. Check out her EP. I had it on repeat sinse i got it

  2. get her ep on itunes!