The Black Opera - "Queen of Hearts" (Ft. Mayer Hawthorne) - {Official Video}

The Black Opera'video "Queen Of Hearts" is one of those joints that never got it's proper credit.   TBO and director Andy Madeleine tell the visual story of a K U E E N in search of fulfillment in life.  TBOGNokbai and Sensu provide a colorful backdrop to the video through their word play, and Mayer Hawthorne provides perfect pitch on the hook.  "Queen Of Hearts" has proven to be a stand-out track on "Libretto: Of King Legend", and has become a TBO instant classic.  In 2000 the jam was "Climax", and now the anthem is "Queen Of Hearts".
“While in search of his Queen of Hearts, or some would say, KUEENZ of Heart, the King was not very trusting with any of his beautiful possibilities.  Once he learned how to trust himself, then and only then, was he able to trust and L O V E Without A Limit."

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