Sa-Roc - "Between Friends" (The Legend Of Black Moses Mixtape) - {Audio}

Just like Kendrick Lamar was before he met Dr. Dre, Sa-Roc is probably one of the dopest underground Emcees of our time.  Honestly I feel as though she has paid more dues than most main stream (Whack) new rappers out today.  If you heard her body of work you would be like "WTF, why haven't I heard of her before?".  Well that's because most people are still living in The Matrix (but that's another story). Checkout the video below, then go checkout the rest of her catalog.  Black Thought (of The Roots) consigned her recently and this dude rarely mention any Emcees.  "Don't believe me just listen..." download her mixtape "The Legend Of Black Moses" where the song "Between Friends" is from. 

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