The Truth About Christmas - {Video}

                                  Now I hate to spoil everyone's Christmas Holiday but I like to add a little bit of truth to the    Christmas spirit. This Holiday while you are spending your last and charging presents you can't afford. Ask yourself,....why? What is the real reason I have to buy these gifts during this time of year? Reality is, no one really benefits from the holiday season except big corporations. Now I'm not saying I don't enjoy spending time with my relatives during the holidays. Since most people are off during this time. But I think there are better ways to spend your time with family members other than buying them meaningless gifts because they (Corporations, Commercials, etc...) said so, because it's definitely not in the Bible. Christmas is so far from what's written in the Bible it's ridiculous. Yet every year due to the brain washing, commercials, and trying to keep up with the Jones. Most of us get sucked into to the Capitalistic Holiday. Why? Truth is most of us are followers we tend to do things because others do them. Most people are afraid to go against the system. We do anything just to fit and we call ourselves intelligent life...hmmmm I wonder? Don't take my        word for it do your own research Saturnalia which is a Pagan Holiday what we call Christmas today. Find out how Christians made a deal with the Pagans for this day....peace.


  1. This was crazy.......LMAO hahahahah But its true. Too bad my wife and kids don't believe it. They win by default

  2. Good looking on the post Unsung

  3. Christmas is for the kids man.