Rell Gambino - "iiiLL Will" - {Audio}

This song is the first single from Trenton, New Jersey's own Rell Gambino's Black Sheep LP 2 set to drop sometime in 2015 by Namebrand Entertainment and UKFWT
"As a Artist, I feel like its our duty as influences of our generation to take the time to touch on current events in the media if they arouse our artistic interest. Needless to say i know a lot of other artist have touched on this subject leading up to and following the verdict of Mike Brown in the Ferguson trial. Here is my take on the matter. Shoutout to the police officers and government officials of the world who truly value and honor the idea of Liberty and Justice
This song is not for you.. - Rell Gambino


  1. Rell Gambino is official, this joint is cold.

  2. pretty dope .. nice

  3. Crisp bars over a laid back beat to zone out to. I can dig it