Jah Orah & KD Assassin - "Used To Be" - {Official Video}

St. Louis based duo Jah Orah & KD Assassin present the Jah Orah/Baldhead directed video for "Used To be". DJ Reminise produced their new album featuring Aceyalone, Tef Poe, Bo Dean, MC923, Black Spade and Dharma Jean. They also got production from Josef Leimberg (Mikah Nine), InStrumenTaL, 44Degreez, Pop dDub, Tony Baines, Baby Paul and Akili. A Los Angeles native and Project Blowed graduate, Jah Orah was a newcomer to St. Louis when a chance meeting with KD at an STL event led them to the studio, then to a musical partnership. KD has toured with Cappadonna and has opened for Rakim and DMX, and Orah has performed alongside Aceyalone, Medusa, X-Clan, Public Enemy, Wise Intelligent and Damian Marley. "The meaning of 'Used To Be' to me is transition from brainwashed mentality to finally waking up," says KD, while Orah says "it's just a song explaining my growth and the things I've seen growing up from Bobby to Jah Orah."


  1. dope post - hope rappers in general get creative

  2. Jah Orah & KD Assassin - "Used To Be"

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  4. Dope video, I rock with this