Macabeats - "Hands Up" (Prod. by Cool FD) - {Audio}

Hailing from the city of Baltimore Macabeats , a New York city native moved to bmore as a teenager. There he would hone his skills as a emcee seeing his fellow Staten Island natives the Wu tang Clan blow up and take over the game was part of his motivation to pursue a career in the music business . After years of rhyming the artist formerly known as Macabee changed his name to Macabeats in 2006 when he started producing. 

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Cool FD is a French HipHop producer and radio personality. He truly embraces the lifestyle of being an independent artist which can be a blessing and a curse. 
"I’m here to share knowledge, to help artists I work with to get the exposure they deserve, and to build my own legend" - Cool FD


  1. Shout out to Cool FD! Hip hop world wide! Dope

  2. Keep the positive music coming. Macabeats - "Hands Up" - I feel this joint here

  3. Thanks for posting Unsung