Out Da Box Radio Talks To Flying Lotus - {Audio}

After quite a hiatus, my fellow HipHop crew over at Out Da Box Radio released a brand new interview featuring L.A. based Producer “Flying Lotus”. They got the chance to chat with Lotus in-person at his recent visit to NYC. He spoke to them about everything from his beginnings of pursuing music, his relationship with his Great Aunt “Alice Coltrane”, the deeper meaning behind his new LP “You’re Dead”, collaborating with other artists, the status of his collabo LP with Erykah Badu, his perspective on touring and much more. This interview done by Out Da Box meant a lot to me as a entrepreneur and writer, it stands as a true testament to perseverance and recognizing that no matter what “you must never give up” on your goals and your dreams. I've learned that with patience, persistence and faith, things always find a way to work out. So I celebrate this relaunch today here with you and all the fans that have supported UnsungHipHop and my other endeavours. Take a listen to this in-depth interview with Flying Lotus hopefully you will be inspired..!!