De La Soul "Get Away" (Ft.The Spirit Of Wu Tang) - Official Video

 De La Soul is the perfect of example of when being original in HipHop pays off in the long run.  Since 1987 De La Soul has been blessing the Mic with their own style of lyricism.  De La was the first HipHop group I could relate to, being a "Fashion Misfit" myself the song "Me, Myself And I" was my anthem.  Besides my cousin Tai there weren't too many people who dressed like us back then.  Their new track "Get Away", is probably the dopest use of a sample I've ever heard.  Checkout the video below once again De La reminds the people what REal HipHop is all about.


  1. De La Soul is hip hop royalty. Never be another group quite like this here and they still making great authentic music

  2. Good looking on the post Unsung

  3. Nah it's from project they released last year.