Paris Jones - "Above The Water" (#Ferguson) - {Video}

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(Virginia) - Paris Jones understands music. The 24-year old self-produced artist from Virginia also understands racism continues to show its ugly face in America. Over two weeks since Mike Brown's unfortunate death. The death of the 18-year old, who was gunned down in Ferguson, Missouri, has left the city at the front of the media's attention. Unfortunately, a majority of the news reports fail to capture the pain of one city, who has rallied around the Brown family in support.  
Using his eclectic song-writing and production skills, Paris carries a tune which hauntingly reflects the imagery captured in Ferguson. Mauricio Lopez who is credited for piecing the video together, uses the power of black-and-white film to capture the pain with sudden colorized explosions to mimic conflict with hope and closure in the distance.
Paris explains, "The video says it all. R.I.P Mike Brown and to everyone who's lost their life at the hands of prejudice individuals, racial driven profiling, and the practice of racism." The video closes to a descending aerial shot of an African American father holding a sign that reads, "I'm a father of two boys and we are BROWN. Our hands are up. Don't shoot." With a closing memorial shot of Mike Brown to close out the powerful visual.