ILLClinton Releases A Tribute To Michael Brown "Alive (Don't Shoot)" - {FREE Audio Download}

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Atlanta's potent duo, ILLClinton comes with a pivotal new release entitled "Alive (Don't Shoot!)" , following the recent murder of Mike Brown, an unarmed teenager who received no form of justice as his life was taken by an irresponsible police officer. The powerful track was recorded some time before the incident, but the impact of this, yet another, unnecessary death in our community made the song necessary to spread awareness. The killing of our youth, whether it be from street violence or police brutality needs to come to an end.  Check them out below as Brennan unleash his frustration over the righteous Black Belair instrumental this joint goes hard.

"I pray all of my n*ggas live long for a million moons and don't end up one of them damn statistics on the evening news," - Brennan