C.Shreve the Professor (FTO) - "Summer Ransom" - {Official Video}

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Free The Optimus (FTO) just released their 10th full length project Summer Ransom done by C.Shreve the Professor.  This album release is the capstone to a summer where FTO has played 25+ shows at least 5 festivals and filmed a 3 part music video series.  It's always good to hear a dope flow, he reminds me of a HipHop version of Kurt Cobain. Check him out below and tell us what you think.
"The Summer Ransom concept is about taking your moment and your time and running with it as far as you can take it. It's also, for me personally, my best attempt at taking control of my own potential and offering a full summer of work to HipHop." - C.Shreve the Professor


  1. Shout out to the crew and the whole movement!

  2. Unsung you stay blessing us with dope artist. It makes it easy to visit your site everyday knowing we'll get nice music. Thank you My G

  3. S/O C.Shreve the Professor, keep doing ur thing son

  4. dope artist all on this