Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ellis JazzGrove - "The Underground Railroad Network" Mixtape

 Well, the homeboy Ellis JazzGrove Aqbar has done an amazing job on putting this project together, The Underground Railroad Network. Sweet! well, for the fam who was looking forward to copping a copy once it dropped,  here you are fam you can purchase for just $7!  Enjoy.
The mixtape provides a good variety of hip-hop sounds and styles ranging from the gutsy intensity of TeckZilla's compositions and the smoothness of Swarthy Soul, to the engaging beats of Black Intelligence. Also featured are productions from Kammokane, Es-K, and Alfred Greem. It also abounds with amazing storytelling and magnificent rhyme saying by reverberant eMCees and rappers who paint lucid pictures and show off amazingly structured craftsmanship. The Underground Railroad Network mixtape is being put together by the Homeboy Ellis JazzGroove Aqbar, as part of the international hip-hop movement.
The Underground Railroad Network is a global collection of producers, rappers, singers, writers, and art and music enthusiasts who stand as a unified entity for the promotion and distribution of original forms of music and foster artistic cooperation and engagement between its members. This mixtape is real dope please check this joint out besides is free burn and tell your friends about it.