Dedicated To The City Of Ferguson St.Louis Native Will Victory Releases "Extreme Attitude" - {FREE Audio Download}

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Growing up in St.Louis, MO where the crime and death rates are very
high, it’s easy for any kid to get caught up in that lifestyle. But
with so many things going on in the city, it still has its beautiful
side to it. When the music industry shinned its spotlight on the city
back in 2000/2001, it opened up another opportunity for young people
all over the city (black or white) to give them a chance to do
something positive with their life. While many artists such as the
St.Lunatics (Nelly) , Chingy, J-Kwon, Huey and etc were getting props
and selling records pushing St.Louis to the next level, it was like
this whole underground world of Emcees that were spittin' bar for bar
that people outside of the city never really knew. And one of the
Emcees that was at the forefront of this movement was Will Victory.
Growing up in both the city and the county, Will was exposed to the
streets at a young age. 
"Just like any kid that grew up running the
streets and living that lifestyle, we all make mistakes it’s just how
you learn from them and grow." Will stated. Just turning 25yrs old ...
Will's head is in the right place. Being featured in The Source
Magazine(2005)  and The HipHopWeekly Magazine(2008) as "Unsigned Hype"
Will knew he was destined to make his dreams turn into reality. Along
the journey Will has had some ups and downs, from being put on hold at
Sony Records all the way from sitting in Dr. Dre's studio 2007. It
was a blessing for me just to be invited to Dre's Studio, He is a
Legend in the game unfortunately at that time Dre was to busy working
on the Detox to even think about signing a new artist. 
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With all that
happening Will still kept his head high and kept pushing for his
dreams , early 2009 Will hooked up with California's hottest Dj -DJ
ILL WILL (who put out tapes w/ Drake, Tyga , Ya boy, Trey Songz , Bow
Wow, etc) and Canada's Hottest Dj- DJ ROCKSTAR for his newest project
Spit'N Envy Vol. 1. In September 2010 he dropped the highly
anticapated sequel to the series again with Ill Will and Rockstar
which recieved outstanding reviews on the internet as well as the
streets.Im just doing what I do best which is spittin' and not being
afraid to be myself and doing the music I love, I wanna bring that
balance back to the mainstream." Will stated. With his lyrical
ability, contagious flow and new mixtape under his belt Will is a true
example of HipHop's Next Generation.


  1. Dope Beat, Nice Message & RIP To Mike Brown
    S/O to Will Victory

    1. Thanks for the love bro! #Salute

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  3. thx for listening! #salute

  4. how many more songs coming using this subject matter. Mike Brown i support. But these rappers coming up off this. Black people

    1. Thanks for listening, I feel you on that but im from St.louis and I stay down the street from Ferguson and I see whats going on in the city. I put this record out to show the youth's perspective on whats going on in our city. Everybody has been putting out tribute songs, I wanted to give a different angle on the issue. but thx for taking the time to listen and respond # Salute

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    1. thx for the luv and listening! #salute

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    1. thx for the luv and listening! #salute