Rest In Power Dick Gregory: A Tribute To A Black Legend - {Video}

We lost a great legend over the weekend, here is my tribute to late Dick Gregory.  Even though I've never met him in person, he was like my grandfather.  His ideologies were so close to mines I felt his blood running through my veins.  There isn't much I can say about Mr Gregory that hasn't already been said.  But what I can say is how he impacted my life back in 2007.  I wasn't too familiar with his past prior to then but once I did my research I was floored.  

He did the unthinkable by most people standards, he literally gave up a lucrative career in comedy to fight for the rights of black people.  And this was back in the 60's, yet nowadays you barely hear a peep out of any celebrities who are in fear of losing their "Butter Biscuits".  Now don't get me wrong I understand having to take care of your family, but if we stuck together it would soften the impact.  

Imagine all of the black NBA players and all of the NFL players just quit the league?  It would shut those industries down, we would  have the leverage to truly help black people.  I've learned a lot from Mr. Gregory and his weekly lessons and observations will be missed by myself and many others.  He can finally rest, he's been fighting the good fight for far too long.  Peace Baba..., I found a excellent preview into Mr Gregory's life below please watch.

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