Jay-Z - "The Story Of O.J." - {Official Video}

Now I know I'm about a month late on this one but I was in the hospital for 22 days so forgive me but I wanted to make a important point about Jay-Z.  First this is monumental because I have never featured a Jay-Z song or album on this site ever. 

Second folks been raggin' on Jay because they think he switched up and he is being hypercritical I happen to disagree.  Jay-Z subconsciously has always been a conscience person just not in his rhymes.  Back in 2003 Jay released his 8th cd The Black Album, there is a track on the that album called Moment of Clarity.  
He basically reveals himself and his scheme to get money fast in HipHop.  Here is a piece of that track "I dumb down for my audience and double my dollars They criticize me for it yet they all yell "Holla" If skills sold truth be told I'd probably be lyrically Talib Kweli Truthfully I want to rhyme like Common Sense (But I did five Mil)I ain't been rhyming like Common since..."  
You see now that Jay-Z is in a different tax bracket he can truly be an Emcee with meaning and purpose because he no longer makes a living as a artist.  Even 2 Chains admitted the same during interviews with The Breakfast Club, and we know Lil Wayne is a very intelligent individual but unfortunately that's not where the REal money in HipHop is, isn't in the mainstream where the Mumble Rap is winning.

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