Method Man & Redman - "Lookin' Fly Too" (Ft. Ready Roc) - {Video}

You can never go wrong with a Red & Meth track, you know their bars will always be on point.  Now I'm not going to lie I wasn't feelin' the auto-tune hook Redman did.  Being that I'm from the East coast I feel only West coast Emcees like Snoop Dogg can successfully use auto-tune without questioning their integrity.  

So my question is why did Redman do it?  Or was it the producer and how does Method Man feel about it?  It's obvious they are not trying to appeal to a younger audience, so who told them their hardcore fans would like this?  It's obvious you can tell I hate auto-tune, I feel if used only singers should use it and even then very little as background vocals similar Roger & Zapp.

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