Phlow - "MP3" (Ft. Mz Kiss, Pryse & Pasha ) - {Official Video}

Rarely do you ever see a collaboration like this especially coming out of Nigeria.  I remember when artist from the States would come together like this, but those days are long gone.  Another unique thing about this track is that all the females (Mz Kizz, Pryse, and Phlow) are rappers while the one male Pasha is a singer.  I don't remember seeing this many talented females on one song since "Ladies Night" off the Lil Kim's LP.  How many female rappers  you know can spit in multiple languages? Not to mention Teck-Zilla's the producer who brings this dope ensemble together.  It's becoming very apparent to me that artist from other countries show more appreciation for the art of HipHop than we do. 

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