Keith Price - "Bunch Of Fives, Vol 5" - (The Final Edition) - {Audio}

Bunch Of Fives Series. Vol 5 is a 15 track album that finishes up the dope series. Heavy on drum breaks, meant for the people who like their music with crackle and warmth. 
This album was made without any midi, sequencing or quantising, Keith Price brings back the art of mixing before the computers took over and saturated HipHop with auto-tuned mumble rap.
If you trying to cop a copy of this classic you will have to go to MySpace, that's right MySpace (talkin' about keepin' it old school). So if you are a Emcee looking for beats make sure you checkout the links below.  Keith Price is one of the few Producers/BeatSmiths out there who is keeping Real HipHop alive.

Bunch Of Fives, Vol 5
from Keith Price on Myspace.

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