Iko The Rainman - "The Road to Alexandria" LP - {Audio}

Iko The Rainman, also known as Conan Edogawa "Rap Detective, The Last Time Mage", is an American Brazilian HipHop artist and comedian from Boca Raton Florida
He is the lead member and creator of Operation 5:AM (also known as OP5TV), a HipHop and comedy collective he started when he was 12. 

Rainman is known for his odd blend of pop-culture references, comic books and video game themed lyrics that is all blended with an unusual style of hip-hop and technical song writing. 
Conan Edogawa is also a brilliant comedian and writer in his own rights, hosting his own podcast called "Regular Podcast", Iko handles all the visual aspects, script writing and lead musical production for the OP5 collective.

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