Atlanta's Own ILLClinton Unveil Their 14-Song Masterpiece "ILLCLINTON ERA" - {Audio}

The brothers of ILLClinton are back with an epic new full length LP, "ILLClinton Era", that is a joyous, pleasurable listening experience from beginning to end. 
This is definitely an album worth the listen. Sitting at 14 tracks, "ILLClinton Era" rides from start to finish, the beautiful result of a two year, self-imposed hiatus and immense growth as musicians during that time. The perfect blend of HipHop, soul, big instrumentation, boom bap, Atlanta trap, lyricism, and soothing vocals.

The group's artist and younger brother, Brennan, effortlessly switches between rapping and singing throughout the entire project. Previously, known as more of an Emcee than singer, Brennan goes through all but one track with no features, mixing mind-blowing wordplay and cadences with memorable hooks, melodies, and an authentic voice. 
The older of the two, Blake Belair, is the man behind the boards as the producer of the album, landscaping a refreshing, yet nostalgic backdrop to set every mood needed to match Brennan's dialogue.  The tempo and bounce of the project is very upbeat, and the production is versatile and genre bending, causing a quick, smooth ride that ends faster than expected, but will make you listen again and again. 
Standout tracks include: "Never Change Up", "Blue Hundreds", "Good/Yeah Yeah Yeah", "Glorious", and many more!
After all, as Brennan sings on the intro and outro, ILLClinton wants you to "Never Forget This Mixtape". 

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